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Lifestyle, our passion...that is how we describe what we do.  It's the day to day, remember when, wish I could have been there type of moments.  It's real life captured forever...not only in a photograph, but in your hearts, your minds, your souls.  We truly are thankful for this role God has blessed us with.  We look forward to sharing these moments, along with our journey, in this crazy place called life.

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November 14, 2014

Rachel and Dave had such an incredible day!  Every detail fell into place just as it needed to...there were a few tears, so much joy and a ton of laughter.  I couldn't imagine their day being any different.  They have an endearing relationship that is quite you soon will find out.  They were completely surrounded by family and friends that love them, and are super excited to see them start the most incredible journey of their lives.  They already know how much I love them...thanks for choosing us you guys!  It's been an honor!  xo!!

You both are beautiful individuals, but I love the joy and laughter you both radiate being together.  

You both are stunning...I had a hard time narrowing down my favorites (obviously)!

The flowers were absolutely gorgeous!

So many sweet moments during their ceremony.

We've known Rachel's family/extended family for years.  We love them.  We knew the toasts would be entertaining, but I'm not sure
any of us knew this was coming! Ha!

A big thanks to these vendors that helped make their day amazing!

Ceremony/Reception:  The Terrace at Regions Tower
Hair:  Douglas McKamey
Florals:  Graceful Hands Floral Design
DJ:  DJs Direct
Cake:  Icing on the Cake

Vangie Lindner says:

Beautiful couple and beautiful pictures!

(11.15.14 @ 01:24 PM)
Jenni Hufford says:

rach i love your pics! Mel and Jeremy you did amazing as always!!!!!

(11.19.14 @ 02:25 PM)
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November 7, 2014

I had a wise photographer tell me once that God will always place the right clients in your path at the right time.  And, goodness...she was right on.  As every year begins to close out, I begin to reminisce over the last year...and, every year I stand in awe of the incredible number of wonderful couples, families and seniors we have worked with over the course of the year.  I am beyond thankful that I can call what we do a job...

Well, Julie and Chris were incredible from the very beginning.  I've loved getting to know these two over the last year.  It was quite an honor to celebrate with the two of them, and be a part of their beautiful day.  God's blessings to you both as you begin this amazing journey!  xo!! 

There was a good chance that it would rain all day on their wedding.  Yet, the ongoing sprinkles didn't phase these two at all. 
They went with it and made the most of it. :)

They are as sweet as they are endearing... are such a beauty...

These flower girls nailed their roles!  You should've seen some of the height the little on on the left was getting with those petals. :)

This photo makes me happy.

I had a sweet spot for her parents...such a nice family (Chris' too, of course:).

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October 28, 2014

We had such a lovely day in Chicago celebrating Sarah & Patrick.  They decided to have a small intimate wedding with their immediate families in Chicago and will later celebrate with their family and friends at a reception in Indianapolis in November.  Sarah was a bridesmaid in Katy's wedding back in 2012, so I was super excited when she contacted us.  She told me about their plans and we thought for sure there was no chance that we would be available for both dates. However, as 'luck' would have it...we happened to have both of their dates available...which told me it was meant to be since the chances of that happening were next to none. ;)  It was a nice change of pace for us since we are so used to shooting full wedding days, and we truly enjoyed being around Sarah, Patrick and their families.

As for Sarah & Patrick...they truly are a beautiful couple.  They have been such a joy to work with and I look forward to sharing more with you all soon!  Much love and hugs to you's been an honor to be a part of this journey with you!

Katy says:

Mel and Jeremy- amazing job as usual!!! What a gorgeous couple inside and out- you definitely captured them. Can't wait for the reception!!

(10.28.14 @ 01:01 PM)
Katy says:

Mel and Jeremy- amazing job as usual!!! What a gorgeous couple inside and out- you definitely captured them. Can't wait for the reception!!

(10.28.14 @ 01:02 PM)
Vangie Lindner says:

Some really sweet pictures--beautiful

(10.28.14 @ 04:28 PM)
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October 16, 2014

I enjoyed a cloudy, misty morning with Sarah and Patrick for their engagement session.  We've had an unusual, but beautiful year here in the Midwest and I will gladly take it. :)  As for Patrick and Sarah...I loved getting to know the two of them.  They are beautiful people inside and out.  I'm looking forward to sharing their intimate Chicago wedding with you soon!!

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October 9, 2014

I have so many feelings/memories (all good:) going into writing this blog post that its hard for me to put anything into words.  We have quite the history with this family, so saying my normal 'congratulations, beautiful day, loved the couple' doesn't seem to do justice to it all (ps. Those thoughts are always genuine when I write them. ;).  So, I'm going to trust that this family knows how much we love and appreciate them and move on to the beauty of Evan & Ashley's day. :)  And, what an incredible day it was...Ashley was exquisite, and Evan was quite dapper.  We had some heat and a few sprinkles, but looking back...their day was perfect because Evan & Ashley are married!!!

Love you both!!!  So excited for you to begin this incredible journey! were stunning.  This will go down as one of my favorite bridal photos...ever.

This family...I've known them for 13 years.  I was Evan's 4th grade teacher, both boys' X-country coach, we've captured family weddings, family photos, senior photos, then throw in a house purchase and friendships that have been such a blessing in our  We love them...

Check out the little ring bearer...I think the celebrating took him by surprise, haha. ;)

We had a sunny, rain shower during the this photo.

You guys are stunning.

Oh, Evan.... ;)

Another celebratory congratulations to Evan's grandparents....56 years on Nov 9!

2 of the 3 brides from this family...we missed you, Becky!!!'ve been such a blessing to me over the years.  Thank you for your friendship. Who would've thought that the new 4th grade teacher to Pendleton all of those years back would result in all of this. :)  It is an honor to call you friend.  Love you.

Ellen Hite says:

Beautiful photos as always, Melody.

(10.09.14 @ 10:38 AM)
Katreena says:

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(11.17.14 @ 03:07 AM)
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