Parenting…there is so much wrapped inside that one little word. There is newness, discipline, joy, hope, beginnings, trials, memories, dreams…I could go on and on. It is an amazing role that God has placed on many of us to rear new generations. Parenting is something that can’t be taken lightly-we all know that. Sure, there are frustrating times and moments that challenge you beyond levels you ever dreamed. However, the reward of raising a child is something that goes beyond words…it truly is the greatest gift of all. It is something that you will always cherish, moments that will leave everlasting imprints on your heart, your mind, your soul.


Once again, it was an honor to work with John of Northernlight Filmworks on, yet, another amazing heirloom session. The passion the 4 of us share with these sessions, and the chemistry that is required to make them happen, is something that can only be seen by watching the video.

As for the sweet family you have seen in this video, I don’t even know where to begin. Shelly and I connected a number of years back at church when we were both going out on our own with photography. We instantly connected and have realized that photography has grown us into the bestest of friends. Being able to capture this time for them, seeing them as a family, has made this session even more beautiful! The tears in my eyes are only the visual of the love my heart feels for them. Love you guys!

Jennifer -
Amazingly Wonderful!!! Love, love love!!!!
Jamie -
Well, there you go, making me cry again! LOVE this & wish I had done it for BOTH kids! Just gorgeous & so special!
Rebecca -
Yeah! Awesome! Loved it! So sweet :)
Gail -
This is SOOO sweet! Shelly, your family is beautiful, Melody these photos are incredible and John, your videography is amazing! :) Well done guys!
Vangie Lindner -
So sweet, Love it.
Emily -
Oh Mel...this is just too sweet. Love it!
Jenni Hufford -
SO beautiful and such a treasure! I love it!!!
Absolutely incredible! Incredible photography, videography and family! Sweet little Molly is so well loved.

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