Happy Monday everyone!  If you haven’t seen the winner yet for the Mother’s Day giveaway then you need to check out our facebook page.  I spent way too much time trying to be creative that I gave up and decided to do it by video…cheese and all. 😉  It was kind of like recording your voicemail greeting over and over again.  Between fumbling over my words and having the dogs walking in front of me a million times, I managed to get it up before the day was over.  Geesh!  

In all seriousness, thank you for
leaving your comments.  I’m not sure what I was expecting, but the
comments you left meant a lot to both Jeremy and I.  Hearing feedback
about our work is one of the many rewards we receive in this business
and we treasure it all.  Thank you, thank you!

Now, for a few photos for your Monday.  The photos below were taken during one of our free days at the Tshukudu Game Reserve.  We got to see a good amount of wildlife while we were there.  I was hoping to see some elephants and lions, but I’ll take a lion cub, cheetah and a few others. 😉

The following day, after having survived one of the craziest lightning storms ever (at least to me;), we got to walk with this little lion cub.  He was all ‘puppy’ and loved to play with anyone who was willing.  It was incredible to watch and we all had to remind ourselves on several occasions what this little cub would one day turn into…crazy.  And, I can’t forget the cheetahs.  They felt very comfortable around us, even if the feelings weren’t always reciprocated. 😉  It purred and enjoyed laying by our feet while we ate.  So, I guess we have cats/dogs for pets, they have cheetahs.  Got it. 😉
To finish up our free time, we got to visit the world’s oldest living organism, the big Baobab Tree.  It truly was incredible.  I think I could have climbed that tree all day.  These photos don’t quite depict its vastness, but at least you have a general idea. 😉


That looks amazing. Beautiful photos! I can't wait to hear more about it. PS. Love the new blog!
Vangie Linidner -
Love these pictures, from the kittens,the one with blue ears, the cheetah you were petting, and the tree, and the prickly pear plant. . .well, just beautiful. Did you climb the tree?
Cindy Stoffel -
I think the trees in Africa are indescribably incredible and your pics captured them in all their glory! Thanks for sharing - gorgeous as always!!

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