What happens when you take photos of an expecting mom with her busy one under the age of 2?  Absolute sweetness.  Many of you know about the friendship that is shared between my dearest friend Shelly and I.  She, too, is a photographer…which is how this friendship began…but, over the years we have moved from being photographers who happen to be friends–to–friends who happen to be photographers.  It is so much more than just helping each other out in the business world, but counting on each other in the good times and the bad times.  She is that friend to me…and I am so very blessed to have her in my life.  Love you, friend.

Going back to the first sentence of this post…let’s just say that we laughed a lot.  Shelly just wanted a few photos documenting this time and lil Molly gave us a workout…to say the least.  We sang, walked, had some Mel time, ate a sucker, played little games…everything…just for a few photos of the two (3) of them together.  I’m still not sure how some of these moments were captured. 😉  Love them.

Stay tuned…a few more photos to come of the welcoming of little Harry. xo! 

Gail -
MELODY! These are BEYOND precious! Shelly must be over the moon in love with them! She looks so radiant pregnant with her boy, and don't even get me started on that little girl of hers—the most beautiful babe I've ever seen! :)
Jennifer -
So amazing!!! Beautiful pictures and of course beautiful girls!! Love, love, love!!!!
Jamie -
BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Love these...!!!
LOVE these!!! My favorite is the black and white image where I'm bending over Molly. I'm definitely printing that one big! Thanks again, Mel!!!

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