First of all, this is a hard blog post for me to write.  The biggest reason is because I can’t believe where the past 8 years have gone.  It kills me when I hit milestones such as this.  I met Courtney when I was teaching 4th grade a number of years back.  I remember her first day…new school, new friends…a shy, scared little girl.  However, we instantly connected and it wasn’t long before she came out of her shell (and, I had a hard time keeping her quiet ;).  She has a very special place in my heart and I am so thankful she was placed in my room 8 years ago.  Over the years, we have grown close to her family and consider them all to be a part of our own.

The other reason I was dreading this post was because the reality has hit me.  She’s graduating.  While I was excited to document this time for her, I’m sad that this season in life is over.  She is a beautiful girl…inside and out.  I know her dreams and am excited to see where they take her.  I’m proud of you, Court, and am so thankful to have you in my life.  Love you… 

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Chandra Robinson -
Love my beautiful sister! Great job as always Mel! Love you!

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