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Seniors, seniors everywhere! I had to name this blog post Courtney R because that is who she is to me. 🙂 Courtney R was another one of my awesome 4th graders back in the day. 😉  Her 4th grade year included 3 Courtney’s in her class…2 Courtney S’s (had to call one of them Court) and Courtney R.  It was hard to keep all of their names straight. 😉  I’m sure there were some good laughs at my inability to call them by the right name.

I loved her and her family to pieces….still do.  They were always so thoughtful and would go out of their way to help me out.  It is an honor to capture this time for Courtney R and I am excited to see where her future takes her.  I have kept in touch with her over the years and know that her strength and disciplines will taker her far.  Always believe in who you are and know that God will bless you far more than you ever dreamed.  Love and hugs to you… 


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