It is hard for me to believe that this senior will be graduating soon.  I remember the day his mom and dad found out they were expecting him.  I remember going to the hospital to await his arrival.  I remember when he couldn’t pronounce my name so he started calling me Aunt Meme-the name stuck and the whole family started calling me that. 😉  I remember having him and his older sister ride in my car (without carseats 😉 time and time again.  I remember when he asked me what it meant for Jesus to live in his heart and that he wanted that.  I remember baby-sitting him and his sister every summer for several years.  I remember when he was the ring bearer for our wedding.  As you can see, I could go on and on.  I am a proud aunt to all of our nieces and nephews…in case you couldn’t tell. 🙂

Well, here we are to the present day and I am honored to see the man this little boy has become.  He is God-fearing and has been a true role model among his peers.  He is also quite the athlete and musician.  Curtis will be going to Kentucky Christian University in the fall to play football.  I look forward to seeing where God takes him in this journey of life.  Keep dreaming and believing, Curtis…proud of you.   


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