These next 3 girls hold a very special place in my heart.  You can read more about their stories from their summer sessions.  They decided to do 2 seasons (summer and fall) for their senior sessions…glad they did.  I have a lot of favorites from both. 🙂

First up is Lindsey.  She’s rotten, fun and beautiful. 🙂  Glad we’ve snatched her to help with our kiddos from time to time.  They love her to pieces!
  She will be heading off to Ball State in the fall.

And, then there’s Sarah.  She’s sweet, fun and beautiful.  She, too, is a hit among our kiddos and is quite the athlete…just broke a record at the state swim meet this past weekend! She is deciding between 2 schools for next fall.  I am slightly biased to one of her choices (ahem…IWU), but know that God will place her right where she needs to be.  

And, last but definitely not least, there is Kristina.  She is fun, beautiful and quite the athlete.  It has been a delight watching her follow my running path (to some degree ;).  Her session was focused around her sporting career at PHHS.  You can read more about her story above.  We are so thankful for her and all that her family means to us.  She will be off to Purdue in the fall.
The 3 of these girls’ names come up
quite often in our house.  Our kids are blessed with some very special
teens/families who love them like they’re own, and for that, we are so
very thankful!  We are sad they won’t be close by in the fall, but know they will be close in our hearts. 🙂 Love you girls!


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