I have had so much fun documenting Addison’s first year of life.  She has been a treat since day one.  Feel free to step back in time and see her newborn session and 3 month session.  Earlier this year I photographed her 6 month session, as well.  Below are a few highlights of that day…I’m still not caught up with all of the blogging…someday. 😉

Addison9_001 Addison9_002 Addison9_003 Addison9_004

Stepping forward to her 9 month session…  We had a beautiful day with loads of color.  She, once again, was full of smiles and lots of personality.  I have loved being a part of these precious moments of Addison and her Mommy and Daddy.  Babies change so much in the first year…it’s hard to remember what they were like.  Believe me, I know, I’m there…
Addison9_005 Addison9_006 Addison9_007 Addison9_008 Addison9_009 Addison9_010 Addison9_011 Addison9_012 Addison9_013 Addison9_014 Addison9_015 Addison9_016 Addison9_017 Addison9_018 Addison9_019 Addison9_020 Addison9_021

I saved the black and white photos until the end.  I’ve been having fun processing these lately…such sweet moments.  I had to share them together.

Addison9_022 Addison9_023 Addison9_024 Addison9_025 Addison9_026
Steph and Varnie-Thanks again and again for choosing me to capture this year for you.  I love getting to spend this time with you guys!  Hugs to the 3 of you!!  Looking forward to her one year session!

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Stephania -
OMG they are so good!! Mel you are killing me. How am I supposed to pick one for those frames? LOL! You are amazing. I don't know what I am going to do when we don't have pictures every few months. I know, every year, but its not the same. Thank you thank you! I can never tell you how much you are appreciated and how wonderful and talented you are.

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