I love black and white photos…always have.  Of course, I love color, too, but there is something about the story that a black and white photo shares.  I couldn’t help but blog Jack’s session in all black and white.  Don’t worry…his mommy and daddy have a ton of color photos as well.  This is only a sampling of their gallery.  I just wanted you to be able to see the story that is told when the distraction of color is taken from the photos.  You start to notice things like the hands, feet, and especially, the eyes.  All you are left with is the emotion that can be felt through each image.  Love.

Jack will be one soon, so there will be more photos to share then.  I will be sure to include some color photos from that session, as well. 😉

 Jack6month_001 Jack6month_002 Jack6month_003 Jack6month_004 Jack6month_005 Jack6month_006 Jack6month_007 Jack6month_008 Jack6month_009 Jack6month_010 Jack6month_011

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