I love this family!!  I have had the pleasure of photographing them since the oldest two were quite little.  I can hardly believe how old they are now, and love that they have added a little brother to the mix since the last time I saw them.  He is such a happy, little guy and looks just like his big brother…crazy!  The focus of this sessions was on him, but his older siblings jumped in for a few shots.  He is quite the blessing to his family!

Thanks again for choosing us to document this time for you guys!  It is such an honor to have returning clients year after year.  We are so humbled.  Hugs to you!!

SalyersKids_001 SalyersKids_002 SalyersKids_003 SalyersKids_004 SalyersKids_005 SalyersKids_006 SalyersKids_007 SalyersKids_008 SalyersKids_009 SalyersKids_010 SalyersKids_011 SalyersKids_012 SalyersKids_013 SalyersKids_014

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