Meet the beautiful Bethany, KPaul and soon-to-be, Adara.  Actually, Adara is already here. 😉  She came a bit early.  The day I started to post this session was the day she was entering the world, so I decided to hold off on sharing them until they were home and settled.  I can’t wait to share more with you in the coming weeks!  Sweet Adara is quite the beauty…

I met KPaul a few years back when I was considering a trip to South Africa.  He is the Outreach Pastor at our church and was so encouraging when I decided to go overseas.  We have truly enjoyed getting to know KPaul, Bethany and his family over the years.  They are the sweetest of sweet, and one of the most genuine couples you will ever meet.  I was overjoyed when they asked about capturing this new chapter for them.  We are blessed and honored to call them friends.  Much love to the 3 of you!

There is so much love in these photos.  I loved seeing their excitement and anticipation for their precious baby.  Bethany was glowing in every photo and the amount of love KPaul has for his girls was evident throughout the entire session.  Parenthood…such a beautiful gift.
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Gwendolyn Fajardo -
Inspirational - so much love! Wonderful work captured these precious moments!
Love this one!

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