I love seniors!  They are excited, hopeful, and ready to move on to the next  chapter of this crazy life.  I always enjoy hearing about their dreams, goals and interests as we go throughout their session.  It always brings back many memories of my senior year…feels like yesterday. 😉

Anyway, I had a wonderful evening capturing Hailey.  She is such a beautiful girl and required little effort from me in regards to being photographed.  I look forward to hearing more about her story as she moves forward with her college career.  Hugs to you!

 2012_Hailey_001 2012_Hailey_002 2012_Hailey_003 2012_Hailey_004 2012_Hailey_005 2012_Hailey_006 2012_Hailey_007 2012_Hailey_008 2012_Hailey_009 2012_Hailey_010 2012_Hailey_011 2012_Hailey_012 2012_Hailey_013

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