It is exciting to get up each day to see what new things he will
discover and learn.  We have settled into a slower pace of life, and
discovered we quite enjoy it!  We are savoring every minute of it.
-Aiden’s Mommy

Once again, I’m in awe of the miracle of life.  I got to meet sweet Aiden a few weeks back, and enjoyed meeting his parents just weeks before.  Seeing the beauty of pregnancy followed with the miracle of a new life leaves me amazed every time.  Before I share the photos from Aiden’s session, I had to share a few from their maternity session.

Aiden_Blog_002 Aiden_Blog_003 Aiden_Blog_004 Aiden_Blog_005 Aiden_Blog_006 Aiden_Blog_007 Aiden_Blog_008 Aiden_Blog_009 Aiden_Blog_010 Aiden_Blog_011 Aiden_Blog_012 Aiden_Blog_013 Aiden_Blog_014

I have done a good number of newborn sessions already this year (lots more to come) and I’m loving it.  Aiden was sleepy the majority of his session which made my job super easy.  He was as sweet as could be.  And, of course, I’ve loved getting to know his mommy and daddy over the past couple of months.  Hugs to the 3 of you!  Looking forward to seeing you again in the future!
Aiden_Blog_001 Aiden_Blog_037 Aiden_Blog_036 Aiden_Blog_035 Aiden_Blog_034 Aiden_Blog_033 Aiden_Blog_032 Aiden_Blog_031 Aiden_Blog_030 Aiden_Blog_029 Aiden_Blog_028 Aiden_Blog_027 Aiden_Blog_026 Aiden_Blog_025 Aiden_Blog_024 Aiden_Blog_023 Aiden_Blog_022 Aiden_Blog_021 Aiden_Blog_020 Aiden_Blog_019 Aiden_Blog_018 Aiden_blog_017 Aiden_Blog_016 Aiden_Blog_015


Beautiful, Mel! Aiden is a sweetie!
Stephanie Spahr -
Thanks Melody for capturing this special time in our lives with such beautiful pictures! We will treasure these forever!
Lauren Connolly Mathews -
Stephanie, he is beautiful! Congratulations!
Kelly Lohman -
Steph & Adam, these are all so adorable! You are so blest to have such a beautiful boy!
Kelly Lohman -
Steph & Adam, these are all so adorable! You are so blest to have such a beautiful boy!
Kelly Matthews -
What beautiful pictures! Congratulations again!! You will be great parents. :-)
Suzanne Ankenbruck -
Absolutely beautiful! You will treasure these.

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