He is a blessing.
His big sister adores him.
We couldn’t be more in love.
-Noah’s Mommy & Daddy


I can hardly believe it has been 2 years since I started photographing the sweetness that is Addison.  I have loved getting to know her (and, her mommy/daddy) over the last couple of years.  She is always full of smiles and has adapted well to having a little brother.  Sweet Noah was absolutely precious and loves being snuggled by his mommy.  I can’t wait to capture the 4 of them over the course of the coming year.  Much love and hugs to all of you!
Noah_001 Noah_002 Noah_003 Noah_004 Noah_005 Noah_006 Noah_007 Noah_008 Noah_009 Noah_010 Noah_011 Noah_012 Noah_013 Noah_014 Noah_015 Noah_016 Noah_017 Noah_018 Noah_019 Noah_029 Noah_030
Lynn Strueh -
Gorgeous pictures. Love them all!! Such a beautiful family!
Rhonda Mattox -
I really love the pictures. Noah and Addison are so adorable. Thanks for sharing.
Melissa Hall -
Lorna Medley -
Such a beautiful family. Addy has grown so much, and little Noah is such a doll. My fav is the one with you all on the bed with the dog :)
Jaime Smith -
These are fantastic pictures. Love love love the one with Nutmeg (boxer) on the bed with Addison. You do such a great job capturing the sweetness that is Addison and Noah (and with Addison, as she grows... only comes every once in a while). JK... she is an angel. Looking forward to seeing your pictures as Noah grows.
Melissa -
Your pics a so wonderfully done, very pressed!!!
Rylee -
These are all so good!!!
Stephanie Dillon -
Beautiful pictures! Love the pictures of Addison kissing Noah!
Teresa Allen -
Christy -
I can't believe that we haven't met these beautiful children in person yet!!! Thank you for capturing the entire family! It's so fun to see them all! Congrats to you all! We will come to Indiana this year to see you!!!!
Karin Mills -
Beautiful pictures of an adorable baby. Congratulations to the whole family, including Aunty Jaime!
Kristin Huff -
Even all the way from NZ I can see how beautiful he is! Congrats to you all!
Peggy Koven -
Loved all the pictures. Beautiful baby and beautiful big sister.
Bertlyn -
The family is beautiful. I love how in all the pictures Varnie is never looking at the camera but he is in such awe of his children he can't take his eyes off ot them. Or he really doesn't like taking pictures so he looks at something else. My favorite is of everyone and the dog too. It's the total family package.
Stacy Denison -
So adorable! As seems to be the consensus, I too love the one with the dog :)
Caroline King -
Fabulous, absolutely fabulous photos! Thanks for sharing. Love to all of you!
Jamie -
These are SO great! I love Addy's sweet smile and Noah is just precious!
Gloria Wharton -
I just love the black and white prints
Teresa Lewis -
What a beautiful photo journal. I'm not sure but I think Nutmeg wanted her own photo session:)
Kristin -
Beautiful pictures!!!
Misti Brummett -
You have such a beautiful family!
Misti Brummett -
You have such a beautiful family!
Hawa Marshall -
Donna Sturgeon -
Adorable - The pictures are wonderful!!! Noah is a cutie & Addison looks so proud. Such sweeties!! xxxxxx
Tomasena Morrow -
God has continued to bless a beautiful couple with beautiful babies. Will love watching them grow up :-)
Donna Sturgeon -
Lovely Lovely!!! Addison looks like she is a big helper! Kids are such a blessing!!! God Bless Enjoy!!!
Miss Gina -
There is nothing more precious than the adornment of parents with their newborn. And when "big" sister and "puppy" are added, capturing the love is easy. Your photos reflect the joy flowing from your hearts.
Fanni -
love the pictures!
Jana -
Oh My! How cute are you guys??? Can not wait to meet Noah.
Louise & Otis Goggans -
You have a beautiful family and that is because you are both such beautiful people. God bless and keep you always and we hope to see you soon. Congratulations to your photographer for doing such a masterful job of capturing the essence of parental love.

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