I’ve always told parents that documenting a 2 year old is always BUSY!  As in, run in circles, jump up and down, spinning, throwing, chasing type of movement for the entire session type of busy.  Which, in all honesty, is exactly what the life of a 2 year old is.  Sure, you may not get a lot of ‘sit and smile’ photos.  However, the expressions and interactions captured can’t be replaced by your traditional posed photo.  I love this session, and even though there is a lot going on it won’t be long before these precious moments are in the past, and they will only be part of a memory.  So, even though these sessions can be tiring…across the board…the end result is always something that brings complete joy and fulfillment.

I had so much fun getting to know this sweet family.  We laughed, and burned a good amount of calories during our time together, ha!  Looking forward to connecting with you guys again in the future.  Many hugs being sent your way!!

 Eddington_001 Eddington_002 Eddington_003 Eddington_004 Eddington_005 Eddington_006 Eddington_007 Eddington_008 Eddington_009 Eddington_010 Eddington_011 Eddington_012 Eddington_013 Eddington_014 Eddington_015 Eddington_016 Eddington_017 Eddington_018 Eddington_019 Eddington_020 Eddington_021 Eddington_022 Eddington_023
Debbie Zimmerman -
These are beautiful and perfect! They make me want to laugh and to cry. Thank you for capturing our daughter, our son-in-law and our precious grandson so well. :-)
Faye Hetrick -
So glad it isn't up to me to decide which are the best ones. It would be impossible as they are all "the best". What a cute, handsome famil!!!
Tiffany Eddington -
Thanks so much Melody! Love the way they turned out :)
Lynda Garrett -
Absolutely Beautiful!
Cathy Hill -
LOVE LOVE LOVE these photos! :)
Jess Staldine -
These are so fantastic - you guys look great! I especially love the B&W shot of you guys swinging Greyson :)
Christina Sutton -
Oh my goodness these are incredible. What a remarkable job you did capturing the Eddington Family. It brought a tear to my eye! These are beautiful!!!
Happy family!
Happy family!

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