I’ve loved getting to know Marissa and Drew over the last couple of months.  They are such a sweet couple, and have been so gracious in their patience with me during our busy summer schedule.  I guess you could say that this has been a record year for me with maternity/newborn sessions.  There is definitely something in the water. 😉  With that being said, I have to admit that I really enjoy capturing the transition from pregnancy into parenthood.  I’m always in awe of the miracle that God has given us…so amazing.

Morris_Maternity001 Morris_Maternity002 Morris_Maternity003 Morris_Maternity004 Morris_Maternity005 Morris_Maternity006 Morris_Maternity007 Morris_Maternity008 Morris_Maternity009 Morris_Maternity010 Morris_Maternity011 Morris_Maternity012 Morris_Maternity013

Fast forward a couple of months…

Motherhood is wonderful!  She has been such a good baby!  It’s been so fun to see her little personality come out at such an early age.  My heart has been tugged in ways that I never thought possible!  Loving my husband and my family has always been a choice but from the moment I saw that sweet little face I was in love!  There’s nothing that she can do that will change that!  It’s totally given me a new understanding of how the Heavenly Father loves us!

-Marissa, Madeline’s Mommy

Sweet Madeline was an absolute delight to photograph.  Marissa and Drew have easily taken to their role of parents.  They were amazing to watch as they interacted with their sweet girl.  It was such an honor to be able to capture the newness of these first moments, and know that God will continue to bless them in the days/years to come.  Hugs to the 3 of you!
Madeline_001 Madeline_002 Madeline_003 Madeline_004 Madeline_005 Madeline_006 Madeline_007 Madeline_008 Madeline_009 Madeline_010 Madeline_011 Madeline_012 Madeline_013 Madeline_014 Madeline_015 Madeline_016 Madeline_017 Madeline_018 Madeline_019 Madeline_020 Madeline_021 Madeline_022 Madeline_023 Madeline_024


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Oh what a sweet, sweet girl! Beautiful photos Mel.

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