It is really hard for me to know where to begin this story.  I’ve been thinking about it all day, and yet the words are in a jumbled mess floating around in this crazy brain of mine.  This family isn’t new to the blog.  They’ve been around before blogging was even an option.  And, over the years they have become very special friends of ours.  I would even go on to say that we are past the point of friends, and have moved more into the family category (especially after yesterday ;).  With that being said, a LOT has happened since 2005…a LOT.  We’ve shared in the ups and downs of this life, and have consistently been there for each other.  I know that God had this friendship in mind long before we ever knew.

Well, it’s no secret that Chad and Jennifer wanted a girl this time around.  They made the choice to not find out what they were having because they knew they would celebrate the entrance of a boy or a girl…ultimately, the sex didn’t matter, and they knew that.  However, they already have a boy, and yes, Jennifer is a girly-girl, but, their desire for a girl went much deeper than that…much, much deeper.  And, to say that the surprise of having this precious girl join their family was a gift given, not only from God, but as a sweet reminder of the relationship Jennifer had with her mom was…well, there are no words.  I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.
Walls_Hosp_001 Walls_Hosp_002As for Jennifer, she was beyond amazing.  No drugs, no screaming…and, she had an 8lb 15 oz baby!  Sure, there was pain and discomfort, but she pushed (literally 🙂 through it!  I was in awe of her strength and perseverance through this journey.  She made it look far easier than it ever should be.
Walls_Hosp_003 Walls_Hosp_004 Walls_Hosp_005 Walls_Hosp_006 Walls_Hosp_007I’ll never forget this very moment when Chad said, “She’s a gift from your Mom!”  Words will never be able to describe the emotion in that room.
Walls_Hosp_008 Walls_Hosp_009 Walls_Hosp_010 Walls_Hosp_011 Walls_Hosp_012 Walls_Hosp_013True joy right here…
Walls_Hosp_014Her doctor was so good with her.  There were some tough moments, but he knew just what to say to get her through…
Walls_Hosp_015 Walls_Hosp_016 Walls_Hosp_017 Walls_Hosp_018 Walls_Hosp_019 Walls_Hosp_020 Walls_Hosp_021Then, came this moment.  While I was pregnant with Claire, I always wondered how Gabe would do during that first meeting of his baby sister.  It was almost as though I needed that confirmation that he was going to love her (silly, I know–that’s pregnancy for you ;).  Well, there was no doubt in Collin’s reaction to his baby sister.  The perfect ending to a perfect day!
Walls_Hosp_022 Walls_Hosp_023 Walls_Hosp_024 Walls_Hosp_025 Walls_Hosp_026 Walls_Hosp_027IT’S A GIRL!!!!  Eeeeekkkk!!!!  You get to buy all kinds of pink!!  Thank you for asking me to be a part of this journey with you.  I’ll remember these precious moments forever and ever.  Love you long time, friends.
Walls_Hosp_028 Walls_Hosp_029

Sidenote:  Jennifer only labored for about 4 hours.  Around 2:30pm, we started taking bets on when the baby would arrive.  Chad said 4pm, Jennifer 4:15pm, and I said 4:28pm.  She arrived at 4:29pm!  Perfect timing…love it! 😉

Jamie Thompson -
I'm almost speechless looking at these, Mel - AMAZING, just amazing! So in love with this family & so in awe of Jennifer's incredible strength and bravery. So thrilled to welcome sweet Carinna into the world - we've been waiting for her! :) Love!
Kara Hiatt -
Amazing!!! Love the pics and beautiful story!!! Congrats and thanks for sharing Mel!
Kara Hiatt -
Amazing!!! Love the pics and beautiful story!!! Congrats and thanks for sharing Mel!
oh mel these are amazing-- chad, jennifer, and collin we are SO thrilled for you! carinna is so loved!
Beautifully Captured Mel! Love every emotional-filled image!!!
Jeff Rosales -
Great story. Great pictures.
amy hineman -
tears are streaming down my face. what a beautiful post, pictures, story and family! congrats! can't wait to meet her! Jennifer what an amazing women you are!!!
Holli Ford -
This is, seriously, the most precious story I've ever heard!!! I'm so grateful to have this family in my life!! & Mel, you're amazing!!!!
Jody Norris -
Wow! I feel like I was there to capture this wonderful experience. I can just imagine what it would have been like if Debbie (Jennifer's mom) was telling me that it was a "GIRL" ! She WAS there the whole time...and if I listen very carefully, she's saying "Let's go shopping". Therefore, I must go and buy something very PINK. Love you, Jennifer
Emily Ehrgott -
These are gorgeous!! Such a beautiful family.

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