Life with Eli is beautiful chaos.
We feel beyond blessed to have a healthy & beautiful son.
God is good!
-Nicole, Elijah’s mommy


I had such a wonderful time getting to know sweet Eli and his wonderful parents.  It is always a treat to meet new clients and find out that your worlds have been intertwined through other friendships, church, backgrounds, etc over the years.  I could hardly believe how many common connections we had…love it!  As for Eli…he was as precious as could be.  It is evident by these photos how loved he already is!!

Thank you for choosing me to capture this new chapter for you guys.  I loved getting to know all 3 of you.  Trusting our paths will cross again in the future.  Many hugs to you!

Elijah_Blog_001 Elijah_Blog_002 Elijah_Blog_003 Elijah_Blog_004 Elijah_Blog_005 Elijah_Blog_006 Elijah_Blog_007 Elijah_Blog_008 Elijah_Blog_009 Elijah_Blog_010 Elijah_Blog_011 Elijah_Blog_012 Elijah_Blog_013 Elijah_Blog_014 Elijah_Blog_015 Elijah_Blog_016 Elijah_Blog_017

Jamie Thompson -
BEAUTIFUL pictures, as always Mel! Love seeing Jake, Nicole and baby Elijah - such a sweet, happy family!
Charlene Farmwald -
What adorable pictures you have! Can't wait to meet Eli in person! Wishing Jake & Nikki a wonderful journey with Eli.
Caryn Hershberger -
Absolutely Beautiful! Such a Blessing!
Megan Malayter -
Beautiful pictures of a new little family! Fun to see how all of our lives have evolved from afar. Blessings and may life bring you happiness beyond your wildest imagination.

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