I love these two!  I got to know Morgan and John a few years back at Morgan’s sister’s wedding (Lauren & Joel).  And, now its their turn.  We had a beautiful evening for their engagement session…might have been a little warm, but at least it wasn’t cold.  Right, Morgan? 😉  As always, it was an honor to be contacted by one of our bride’s siblings once again.  I’ve loved getting to know the two of them over the years and am so excited to be a part of their day in less than 2 weeks.  I’m sure it will be a beautiful day!  Can’t wait to celebrate the two of you soon!  xoxo!!

Morgan_John_B001 Morgan_John_B002 Morgan_John_B003 Morgan_John_B004 Morgan_John_B005 Morgan_John_B006 Morgan_John_B007 Morgan_John_B008 Morgan_John_B009 Morgan_John_B010 Morgan_John_B011 Morgan_John_B012 Morgan_John_B013 Morgan_John_B014 Morgan_John_B015 Morgan_John_B016 Morgan_John_B017 Morgan_John_B018 Morgan_John_B019 Morgan_John_B020 Morgan_John_B021 Morgan_John_B022 Morgan_John_B023 Morgan_John_B024 Morgan_John_B025 Morgan_John_B026 Morgan_John_B027 Morgan_John_B028 Morgan_John_B029
carolyn gentner -
really nice pictures of the future Kinneys! Lois and Wayne must be awfully excited! Very nice
Kathy Patterson -
What a beautiful picture book of memories!!
Kathy Patterson -
What an incredible photo album of memories!!!! Beautiful!
Lois Kinney -
These are fantastic...I might be a bit prejudiced though:-) Really great shots and beautiful subjects!!

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