Ever since I started chatting with Sonia I knew that we were going to have a good time through their wedding process.  My best friend, Shelly, joined me for the haul up to Chicago for Sonia and Pavan’s engagement session a while back.  We had such a wonderful time getting to know these two!  They have enough energy to share amongst all of us. 😉  We loved it!  Looking forward to celebrating their beautiful wedding next June!

 SoniaPavan001 SoniaPavan002 SoniaPavan003 SoniaPavan004 SoniaPavan005 SoniaPavan006 SoniaPavan007 SoniaPavan008 SoniaPavan009 SoniaPavan010 SoniaPavan011 SoniaPavan012 SoniaPavan013 SoniaPavan014 SoniaPavan015 SoniaPavan016 SoniaPavan017 SoniaPavan018 SoniaPavan019 SoniaPavan020 SoniaPavan021 SoniaPavan022 SoniaPavan023 SoniaPavan024 SoniaPavan025 SoniaPavan026 SoniaPavan027 SoniaPavan028 SoniaPavan029 SoniaPavan030 SoniaPavan031 SoniaPavan032 SoniaPavan033 SoniaPavan034 SoniaPavan035 SoniaPavan036 SoniaPavan037 SoniaPavan038 SoniaPavan039 SoniaPavan040 SoniaPavan041 SoniaPavan042
Wade -
Great session Carpenter's!! What a fun couple too!
Beautiful couple & photos! Love the photos over the bridge!

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