Many of you remember seeing the blog post of sweet Carinna’s delivery a few months back.  If you haven’t seen it, be sure to do so.  It is, by far, one of the most amazing things I’ve witnessed/documented (next to the birth of our own children :).  It is now time to share some of the precious photos from her newborn session.  She was such a doll and slept through 90% of her session.  It is obvious how loved she is already…especially by her big brother.

I couldn’t share her newborn photos without sharing a few from their maternity session, as well.  Jennifer you radiated so much beauty during your pregnancy.  It is so fun to think that at this point you had no idea what you were having.  Carinna will love looking at these in a few years…so glad you captured these precious moments for her to see.  Love you guys!!

2013_Carinna_B001 2013_Carinna_B002 2013_Carinna_B003 2013_Carinna_B004 2013_Carinna_B005 2013_Carinna_B006 2013_Carinna_B007 2013_Carinna_B008 2013_Carinna_B009 2013_Carinna_B010 2013_Carinna_B011 2013_Carinna_B012 2013_Carinna_B013 2013_Carinna_B014 2013_Carinna_B015 2013_Carinna_B016 2013_Carinna_B017 2013_Carinna_B018 2013_Carinna_B019 2013_Carinna_B020 2013_Carinna_B021 2013_Carinna_B022 2013_Carinna_B023 2013_Carinna_B024 2013_Carinna_B025 2013_Carinna_B026 2013_Carinna_B027 2013_Carinna_B028 2013_Carinna_B029 2013_Carinna_B030 2013_Carinna_B031 2013_Carinna_B032 2013_Carinna_B033 2013_Carinna_B034 2013_Carinna_B035 2013_Carinna_B036 2013_Carinna_B037 2013_Carinna_B038 2013_Carinna_B039 2013_Carinna_B040 2013_Carinna_B041

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Debbie Arfman -
Mel, These photos are awesome! Thank you so much for capturing this so special time in a family's life in such a beautifully expressive way. Your work is fabulous!

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