Back in September I snuck away for a quick trip to Chicago to see this adorable family!  Jeremy and I met Andrea and Mike back in 2007 when we shot their engagement/wedding photos.  Then, back in 2010 Andrea sent me the email below…3 years following their wedding:

‘I hope this note finds you, Jeremy and entire family well.  Mike and I are celebrating our third anniversary today (so hard to believe!), and I just wanted to say thank you again for your great work on our wedding day. I flip through our coffee table book almost every week, just to remember how special the day was. And today, I checked to see if you still had our wedding on your website (I know someday it will come down) but its still there! And it just made my day today…

You both do such amazing work capturing moments just as they are and I will never forget the emotions and memories of our wedding day thanks to your work. I just looked at your new blog (which is great!)!  I hope we will have the opportunity to work with you in the year or two…and that we have just as adorable photos!!!

Wishing you all the best & many blessings,

And, here we are 6 years after their wedding…I love reconnecting with our couples…I love seeing their families grow.  It’s so very special to me, and I am always so thankful to have so many opportunities time and time again to do this same exact thing for our other couples/families.  It was absolutely wonderful seeing the 3 of you!  Much love to you guys!

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