What a beautiful evening I had to photograph the Koger family!  I met them last year when our girls were in the same ballet class.  They are as sweet as can be.  Loved getting to know them even better during their session.  They have the sweetest little girls…so many precious moments.  Thanks for asking me to document this time for you guys!  Loved every minute of it.  Hugs to you!   
2013_Koger_B_001 2013_Koger_B_002 2013_Koger_B_003 2013_Koger_B_004 2013_Koger_B_005 2013_Koger_B_006 2013_Koger_B_007 2013_Koger_B_008 2013_Koger_B_009 2013_Koger_B_010 2013_Koger_B_011 2013_Koger_B_012 2013_Koger_B_013 2013_Koger_B_014 2013_Koger_B_015 2013_Koger_B_016 2013_Koger_B_017 2013_Koger_B_018 2013_Koger_B_019 2013_Koger_B_020 2013_Koger_B_021 2013_Koger_B_022 2013_Koger_B_023 2013_Koger_B_024 2013_Koger_B_025 2013_Koger_B_026 2013_Koger_B_027 2013_Koger_B_028


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