The blog has received little attention lately…yikes.  I have so many wonderful images to share!!  This has been, by far, our busiest fall to date.  Between shooting, editing, ordering, and pursuing some new adventures on the home-front, its been kinda crazy.  However, I had to share these beautiful images of my time with Jessica and Seth in Michigan. I absolutely adore them and look forward to capturing their wedding next summer!  It is going to be an amazing day!

Much love to you guys!

 Jessica_Seth_B001 Jessica_Seth_B002 Jessica_Seth_B003 Jessica_Seth_B004 Jessica_Seth_B005 Jessica_Seth_B006 Jessica_Seth_B007 Jessica_Seth_B008 Jessica_Seth_B009 Jessica_Seth_B010 Jessica_Seth_B011 Jessica_Seth_B012 Jessica_Seth_B013 Jessica_Seth_B014 Jessica_Seth_B015 Jessica_Seth_B016 Jessica_Seth_B017 Jessica_Seth_B018 Jessica_Seth_B019 Jessica_Seth_B020 Jessica_Seth_B021 Jessica_Seth_B022 Jessica_Seth_B023 Jessica_Seth_B024 Jessica_Seth_B025 Jessica_Seth_B026 Jessica_Seth_B027 Jessica_Seth_B028 Jessica_Seth_B029 Jessica_Seth_B030 Jessica_Seth_B031

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