I had such a wonderful evening with Justin and Halie last fall.  I met Justin years ago when we were both teaching in Pendleton.  He taught Art and I taught 4th grade.  A few years back he started pursuing his own artwork and is an amazing artist here in the Indianapolis area.  Be sure to check out his work HERE.  It has been fun reconnecting with him over the years, and was super excited when he contacted us to photograph their wedding.

They couldn’t have picked a better evening for their session.  We truly enjoyed the beautiful fall colors, temperatures (especially, after the January we have experienced ;), and getting to know each other.  These two needed little help in front of the camera.  They really are this adorable.  I just happened to have my camera ready. 😉  We are so excited to celebrate with these two in September.  Justin, I am so happy you found Halie…you two are absolutely perfect for each other!  Many hugs to you both!

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