It feels like ages since I’ve blogged a family session!!  Oh, wait…it has been. 😉  I’ve worked with so many incredible families over the last couple of years, but haven’t been able to share any of them due to all that we’ve had going on in our personal lives (selling our home/opportunity to buy a new home–more to come on that, 🙂 celebrating the lives of my 2 incredible Grandpas, a busy shooting schedule…and, the discovery that our kiddos also have a schedule these days;).  So, no complaints with what has been going on, but that is the explanation for the crickets you’ve been hearing. 😉

Anyway, I couldn’t help but share this sweet session of the Hendrickson family.  We have quite the history with them…their engagement session/wedding, and many milestone photos for their growing family.  I’m honored to call Katie a dear friend, and am thankful for the many memories I’ve been able to document for them over the years.  Enjoy these sweet, loving moments of adorable faces, family interactions and lots of giggles!

Love you guys!

 2015_Hendrickson_001 2015_Hendrickson_002 2015_Hendrickson_003 2015_Hendrickson_004 2015_Hendrickson_005 2015_Hendrickson_006 2015_Hendrickson_007 2015_Hendrickson_008 2015_Hendrickson_009 2015_Hendrickson_010 2015_Hendrickson_011 2015_Hendrickson_012 2015_Hendrickson_013 2015_Hendrickson_014 2015_Hendrickson_015 2015_Hendrickson_016 2015_Hendrickson_017 2015_Hendrickson_018 2015_Hendrickson_019 2015_Hendrickson_020 2015_Hendrickson_021 2015_Hendrickson_022 2015_Hendrickson_023 2015_Hendrickson_024 2015_Hendrickson_025
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Susan Evans -
Love these! Looks like they are so happy and are having so much fun!

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