It’s hard to believe that it was this time last year when Jeremy and I hopped on a plane and flew to the great state of Texas for Jen & Matt’s engagement session!  I was so excited to share these photos, but between our move, celebrating the lives of both of my Grandpas (within a 4 month period), and a busy photography season…I didn’t get to share them like I had hoped.  So, since we are at the one year mark I thought it was time to share them. 🙂

We developed such a great friendship with these two!  And, they were just as endearing as they were adorable…love them to pieces!  We got to enjoy a beautiful evening just before a torrential downpour moved through.  Thank you for the memories, Jen and Matt…loved capturing you guys!

Blog_Matt_Jen_Eng001 Blog_Matt_Jen_Eng002 Blog_Matt_Jen_Eng003 Blog_Matt_Jen_Eng004 Blog_Matt_Jen_Eng005 Blog_Matt_Jen_Eng006 Blog_Matt_Jen_Eng007 Blog_Matt_Jen_Eng008 Blog_Matt_Jen_Eng009 Blog_Matt_Jen_Eng010 Blog_Matt_Jen_Eng011 Blog_Matt_Jen_Eng012 Blog_Matt_Jen_Eng013 Blog_Matt_Jen_Eng014 Blog_Matt_Jen_Eng015 Blog_Matt_Jen_Eng016 Blog_Matt_Jen_Eng017 Blog_Matt_Jen_Eng018 Blog_Matt_Jen_Eng019 Blog_Matt_Jen_Eng020 Blog_Matt_Jen_Eng021 Blog_Matt_Jen_Eng022 Blog_Matt_Jen_Eng023 Blog_Matt_Jen_Eng024 Blog_Matt_Jen_Eng025 Blog_Matt_Jen_Eng026 Blog_Matt_Jen_Eng027

Since Jen and Matt were getting married in Indianapolis we decided to do a quick mini session there, as well!  Love so many of these photos!  And, a special thanks to our good friend, Wade Carignan, for joining Jeremy on their Indy session.

Blog_Matt_Jen_Eng028 Blog_Matt_Jen_Eng029 Blog_Matt_Jen_Eng030 Blog_Matt_Jen_Eng031 Blog_Matt_Jen_Eng032 Blog_Matt_Jen_Eng033 Blog_Matt_Jen_Eng034 Blog_Matt_Jen_Eng035 Blog_Matt_Jen_Eng036 Blog_Matt_Jen_Eng037 Blog_Matt_Jen_Eng038 Blog_Matt_Jen_Eng039 Blog_Matt_Jen_Eng040 Blog_Matt_Jen_Eng041


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