At times, I am at a loss for words.  When you’ve known a family for many years and are honored to capture so many beautiful moments for them, its hard to type the amount of gratitude that comes with all of that into a single blog post.  We’ve known Annie’s family for 8 years.  I met her sister, Jenni, when I did newborn photos for their little girl.  Soon after, we became dear friends (as did our daughters).  With that, brought many opportunities to get to know the entire Conner family.  We are so thankful that God can bring the sweetest of friendships into our lives when we least expect it.

With that being said, Annie and Ryan….wow…such a beautiful day.  Because of the friendship that was already established, I felt like we were shooting a wedding of life-long friends.  I loved being able to chat with Annie long before there was a proposal, hearing about their journey, knowing when it all was taking place to being able to capture this long-awaited event that would start the journey of doing life together for the rest of their lives.  I am so happy that Annie found someone as sweet as Ryan!  You guys are perfect for each other!

Annie and Ryan…thank you for letting us be a part of your incredible day!  It was such an honor to not only capture these moments for you, but to be surrounded by your family and friends and see the impact they have all had on you both.  Much love and hugs to you!  Excited for you to begin this journey!

1_Annie_Ryan_001 1_Annie_Ryan_002 1_Annie_Ryan_003 1_Annie_Ryan_004 1_Annie_Ryan_005 1_Annie_Ryan_006 1_Annie_Ryan_007 1_Annie_Ryan_008 1_Annie_Ryan_009Annie…you looked absolutely stunning…Annie_Ryan_Blog_010 Annie_Ryan_Blog_011 Annie_Ryan_Blog_012 Annie_Ryan_Blog_013 Annie_Ryan_Blog_014 Annie_Ryan_Blog_015 Annie_Ryan_Blog_016 Annie_Ryan_Blog_017 Annie_Ryan_Blog_018 Annie_Ryan_Blog_019 Annie_Ryan_Blog_020When you have an evening ceremony, and its too cold to be outside for longer than a few minutes, Mill Top is a wonderful place for photos…plenty of options. Annie_Ryan_Blog_021Annie_Ryan_Blog_025 Annie_Ryan_Blog_026 Annie_Ryan_Blog_027 Annie_Ryan_Blog_028 Annie_Ryan_Blog_029 Annie_Ryan_Blog_030 Annie_Ryan_Blog_031 Annie_Ryan_Blog_032 Annie_Ryan_Blog_033Annie_Ryan_Blog_034 Annie_Ryan_Blog_035 Annie_Ryan_Blog_036 Annie_Ryan_Blog_037 Annie_Ryan_Blog_038 Annie_Ryan_Blog_039 Annie_Ryan_Blog_040Annie_Ryan_Blog_041 Annie_Ryan_Blog_042A beautiful moment remembering Ryan’s mom…followed with Annie’s dad giving each bridesmaid a tissue. 😉Annie_Ryan_Blog_043 Annie_Ryan_Blog_044 Annie_Ryan_Blog_045 Annie_Ryan_Blog_046 Annie_Ryan_Blog_047 Annie_Ryan_Blog_048So many pretty details. Annie’s sister, Jenni (who I mentioned before;), came up with the idea of having each table write some words of wisdom, encouragement, thoughts/prayers that Annie and Ryan will be able to read on that table number’s anniversary.  Love this idea!  Annie_Ryan_Blog_049 Annie_Ryan_Blog_050 Annie_Ryan_Blog_051 Annie_Ryan_Blog_052 Annie_Ryan_Blog_053 Annie_Ryan_Blog_054 Annie_Ryan_Blog_055 Annie_Ryan_Blog_056 Annie_Ryan_Blog_057 Annie_Ryan_Blog_058 Annie_Ryan_Blog_059 Annie_Ryan_Blog_060 Annie_Ryan_Blog_061 Annie_Ryan_Blog_062 Annie_Ryan_Blog_063 Annie_Ryan_Blog_064HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Annie_Ryan_Blog_065 Annie_Ryan_Blog_066 Annie_Ryan_Blog_067 Annie_Ryan_Blog_068 Annie_Ryan_Blog_069We had 7 different couples represented from the last 10 years.  Three of our brides were there, and 4 other brides were represented with family being present.  It was like a family reunion!  Love, love that we get to do what we do!Annie_Ryan_Blog_070  


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