We have been so fortunate to work with such wonderful couples over the years, and Kaitlin and Ryan are no exception.  They have been incredible to work with since day one.  After getting to know them at Brian and Swapna’s wedding, they felt like old friends by the time their wedding came around.  I love how they embraced each moment of their day with laughter, joy and many smiles.  It was clear to all how perfect they truly are for each other…and, Ryan was in complete awe of his bride.  In addition to all of that, they also had an incredible April day which is hard to come by in the state of Indiana. 🙂

So, without further ado I give you Kaitlin and Ryan’s beautiful day!  Thank you for choosing us to capture it all for you!  It was most definitely an honor… Hugs to you both!  Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_001 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_002 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_003 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_004 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_005Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_006c  Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_007 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_008 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_009 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_010 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_011 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_012 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_013 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_014 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_015 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_016 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_017 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_018 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_019 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_020 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_021 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_022 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_023 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_024 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_025Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_026c Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_027 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_028c Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_029 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_030 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_031 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_032 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_033 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_034 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_035 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_036 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_037 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_038 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_039 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_040Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_041 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_042 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_043 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_044Such a lovely group of ladies!Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_045You’ll laugh for days with this group of guys! 🙂Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_048Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_047Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_050Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_049Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_051 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_046 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_052 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_053 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_054Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_055 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_056 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_057 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_058 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_059 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_060 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_061 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_062 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_063 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_064 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_065 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_066 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_067 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_068 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_069 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_070 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_071 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_072 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_073 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_074 Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_075

Of course, I have to have a photo with my brides!Ryan_Kaitlin_Blog_076

Thank you to the incredible vendors!

Ceremony/Reception:  Indianapolis Public Library

Florals:  Palmer Kelley Designs

DJ/Lighting:  Brian Whitis

Cake:  Bella Dolce


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