First of all, I have to say that I fell in love with Megan, Chris and her family from the moment they walked in our door for their consultation.  I knew right away that I was going to enjoy working with all of them, and that first impression did not disappoint.  From their engagement session to the final meeting prep in Columbus, IN (thank you again for the yummy pizza, Marabeth!), to their actual wedding day….being a part of these memories has been such an honor.

As for Chris and Megan, they have such a sweet story of their first days getting to know one another last summer that it didn’t take long to bring them to their beautiful wedding day in June.  Their common likes and interests (head lamp;) in addition to the respect and care they have for one another made celebrating them absolutely wonderful.

We did have one obstacle that lurked around throughout the majority of their day…Indiana weather.  Usually, the weather can be somewhat predictable in Indiana.  However, there will always be days where the forecast says there is a 100% chance for rain all day.  Over the last 16 years we’ve seen it all on a wedding day…snow in April, temperatures in the 90’s in November, to a call for 100% chance for rain only to have a slight sprinkle all day.  This was not the case for Megan and Chris’ day, though…it rained off and on throughout the majority of the day, and when you have a beautiful, outdoor ceremony planned on family property your stomach can be in knots trying to figure out what the best scenario would be…more on that story to come…

For now, it is time to be in awe of the beauty of Megan, the wanderlust of her parents’ property and the beautiful details incorporated throughout their day…ChrisMegan_Blog_001 ChrisMegan_Blog_002ChrisMegan_Blog_003c ChrisMegan_Blog_004 ChrisMegan_Blog_005 ChrisMegan_Blog_006ChrisMegan_Blog_007c ChrisMegan_Blog_008 ChrisMegan_Blog_009 ChrisMegan_Blog_010ChrisMegan_Blog_011c ChrisMegan_Blog_012 ChrisMegan_Blog_013 ChrisMegan_Blog_014 ChrisMegan_Blog_015 ChrisMegan_Blog_016 ChrisMegan_Blog_017

And, then it was time to make a decision about the ceremony that would be starting at 4:30pm (notice the time below).  Both Megan and Chris’ dad’s came up to me, and said, “So, what’s the plan?” I looked at the radar, and wanted to cry a bit on the inside, ha…and, said, “I have no idea!” 😉  In Indiana, a radar like the one below can mean a million different things, but I knew if they were going to have an outdoor ceremony like they were planning (the tent was their back-up plan) then the ceremony was going to need to start a few minutes before based on the image below.  So, the dads looked at each other and said to me, “Okay, lets do it!”  My heart dropped, started to race and within minutes every spare person started moving the chairs to prep for the ceremony.  After all, guests were set to arrive within minutes, AND the goal was to start a few minutes early…let the praying begin (actually, I was praying long before that, but I was pleading at this point;).ChrisMegan_Blog_058 ChrisMegan_Blog_018ChrisMegan_Blog_019c ChrisMegan_Blog_020 ChrisMegan_Blog_021 ChrisMegan_Blog_022 ChrisMegan_Blog_023 ChrisMegan_Blog_024 ChrisMegan_Blog_025

It turned out to be such a beautiful ceremony!


And, then, this happened…thankfully, there were enough tents to shelter everyone from the torrential downpour that came minutes after everyone made it inside.


Then, the sun came out, and stayed out, for the rest of the evening.

ChrisMegan_Blog_028 ChrisMegan_Blog_029 ChrisMegan_Blog_030 ChrisMegan_Blog_031 ChrisMegan_Blog_032 ChrisMegan_Blog_033 ChrisMegan_Blog_034 ChrisMegan_Blog_035 ChrisMegan_Blog_036

Megan…you looked absolutely stunning!

ChrisMegan_Blog_037c ChrisMegan_Blog_038 ChrisMegan_Blog_039 ChrisMegan_Blog_040 ChrisMegan_Blog_041 ChrisMegan_Blog_042

Chris & Megan met at her family’s lake property so it only made sense to incorporate some of the lake into their wedding day.

ChrisMegan_Blog_043 ChrisMegan_Blog_044 ChrisMegan_Blog_045 ChrisMegan_Blog_046ChrisMegan_Blog_047

I’m sure the guys had this photo covered, but I thought I would grab a photo just in case. 😉

ChrisMegan_Blog_048cChrisMegan_Blog_049c ChrisMegan_Blog_050 ChrisMegan_Blog_051 ChrisMegan_Blog_052 ChrisMegan_Blog_053 ChrisMegan_Blog_054 ChrisMegan_Blog_055 ChrisMegan_Blog_056

It truly was such an honor to be a part of your day, Megan and Chris.  Thank you for choosing us to capture it all!  Much love and hugs to you and your families.


So, why did I bother sharing with you the story behind the weather for their wedding…?  Primarily, because after the chaos of weather and schedules, etc…they still got married.  That was their only goal for the day and everything turned out beautiful.  Sure, Indiana weather is a gamble…90% of the time, ha.  But, the reality is we have shot a lot(!!!) of weddings over the years, and regardless of weather, we have documented one beautiful wedding after another.  So, to all of you brides that question what to do (indoor ceremony vs outdoor ceremony)…go with your heart…the day will be perfect regardless of the number of raindrops that fall because you will be married!

The incredible vendor team that made their day amazing:

Day-of-Coordinator:  Jennifer Walls

Hair:  Adrianne Willoughby

Makeup:  Beauty by Crystal

Flowers:  Your Farmer’s Daughter

Videography:  Northernlight Filmworks

Catering/Cake:  Kahn’s Catering

Band:  The Impala’s

Vangie Lindner -
It was beautiful! Loved looking at the pictures!
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