We had such a wonderful time with Andy and Kathleen on their wedding day!  They are so very loved and respected by their family and friends.  It was clear they had very mutual feelings for those that were there to celebrate with them, as well.  We find time and time again how fortunate we are to work with such incredible families that are willing to take us in on such a special day and make us feel so very welcome.  This was definitely the case for Andy and Kathleen!  Thank you both for choosing us to be a part of your day!  It was such an honor to celebrate with you both!

AndyKathleen_Blog_001 AndyKathleen_Blog_002 AndyKathleen_Blog_003AndyKathleen_Blog_004 AndyKathleen_Blog_005 AndyKathleen_Blog_006 AndyKathleen_Blog_007 AndyKathleen_Blog_008 AndyKathleen_Blog_009 AndyKathleen_Blog_010 AndyKathleen_Blog_011 AndyKathleen_Blog_012 AndyKathleen_Blog_013 AndyKathleen_Blog_014 AndyKathleen_Blog_015 AndyKathleen_Blog_016 AndyKathleen_Blog_017Kathleen…you were absolutely stunning! AndyKathleen_Blog_018 AndyKathleen_Blog_019 While the girls are doing hair/makeup…the guys are celebrating video game victories! 😉 AndyKathleen_Blog_021 AndyKathleen_Blog_022 AndyKathleen_Blog_023 AndyKathleen_Blog_024 AndyKathleen_Blog_025 AndyKathleen_Blog_026 AndyKathleen_Blog_027 AndyKathleen_Blog_028 AndyKathleen_Blog_029 AndyKathleen_Blog_030 AndyKathleen_Blog_031 AndyKathleen_Blog_032 AndyKathleen_Blog_033 AndyKathleen_Blog_034 AndyKathleen_Blog_035 AndyKathleen_Blog_036 AndyKathleen_Blog_037 AndyKathleen_Blog_038 AndyKathleen_Blog_039 AndyKathleen_Blog_040 AndyKathleen_Blog_041 AndyKathleen_Blog_042 AndyKathleen_Blog_043 AndyKathleen_Blog_044They had such an incredible wedding party!  Lots of good laughs took place throughout the day. 🙂AndyKathleen_Blog_045 AndyKathleen_Blog_046 AndyKathleen_Blog_047 AndyKathleen_Blog_048 AndyKathleen_Blog_049 AndyKathleen_Blog_050I love how sweet they are together… AndyKathleen_Blog_051 AndyKathleen_Blog_052 AndyKathleen_Blog_053 AndyKathleen_Blog_054 AndyKathleen_Blog_055 AndyKathleen_Blog_056 AndyKathleen_Blog_057 AndyKathleen_Blog_058 AndyKathleen_Blog_059 AndyKathleen_Blog_088 AndyKathleen_Blog_061Kathleen envisioned a tent setting that included air conditioning.  The IMA and the Eventfull Planning team made this dream a reality!  You would have totally thought they had a tented reception!  It turned out amazing! AndyKathleen_Blog_062 AndyKathleen_Blog_063 AndyKathleen_Blog_064 AndyKathleen_Blog_065 AndyKathleen_Blog_066 AndyKathleen_Blog_067 AndyKathleen_Blog_068 AndyKathleen_Blog_069 AndyKathleen_Blog_070 AndyKathleen_Blog_071 AndyKathleen_Blog_072 AndyKathleen_Blog_073 AndyKathleen_Blog_074Kathleen was a former Colts cheerleader, so it was very fitting that they an awesome choreographed dance planned for the guests!AndyKathleen_Blog_075 AndyKathleen_Blog_076 AndyKathleen_Blog_077 AndyKathleen_Blog_078 AndyKathleen_Blog_079 The winners of the Anniversary Dance! 🙂 AndyKathleen_Blog_081 AndyKathleen_Blog_082 AndyKathleen_Blog_083 AndyKathleen_Blog_084 AndyKathleen_Blog_087I have the most wonderful brides!AndyKathleen_Blog_086

A big thanks to the wonderful vendor team!  They pulled off an amazing day for Andy & Kathleen!

Wedding Coordinator:  Eventfull Planning

Videography:  Indy Visual

Bridal Hair/Makeup:

Ceremony:  St John Catholic Church

Reception:  Indianapolis Museum of Art

Caterer:  Kahn’s Catering

Cake:  Confectioneiress

Florist:  Posh Petals

Band:  The Sly Band

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