Look at the joy exuding from Kailey! There was not one moment throughout this entire day when these two weren’t smiling from ear to ear. From the moments of getting ready to the end of the night on the dance floor, their emotion was felt all around. As for the weather, there are summer days in Indiana that you expect to be blazing hot with high humidity…at least that’s what we were planning for as we prepared for their wedding day.  However, Bryant and Kailey had the most perfect weather…mild temperatures, a cool breeze and blue skies.  It was an overall perfect day!

Thank you for choosing us to be a part of your day!  Capturing these beautiful moments for the two of you brings us so much fulfillment!  Much love and hugs to you both!

bryantkailey_blog_001 bryantkailey_blog_002 bryantkailey_blog_003 bryantkailey_blog_004 bryantkailey_blog_005 bryantkailey_blog_006 bryantkailey_blog_007They had such a sweet first look…bryantkailey_blog_008bryantkailey_blog_009c bryantkailey_blog_010 bryantkailey_blog_011 bryantkailey_blog_012 bryantkailey_blog_013 bryantkailey_blog_014Kailey…you were stunning. bryantkailey_blog_015 bryantkailey_blog_016 bryantkailey_blog_017 bryantkailey_blog_018 bryantkailey_blog_019 bryantkailey_blog_020 bryantkailey_blog_021 bryantkailey_blog_022 bryantkailey_blog_023 bryantkailey_blog_024 bryantkailey_blog_025 bryantkailey_blog_026 bryantkailey_blog_027 bryantkailey_blog_028 bryantkailey_blog_029 bryantkailey_blog_030 bryantkailey_blog_031 bryantkailey_blog_032 bryantkailey_blog_033 bryantkailey_blog_034bryantkailey_blog_066 bryantkailey_blog_035 bryantkailey_blog_036 bryantkailey_blog_037 bryantkailey_blog_038 bryantkailey_blog_039 bryantkailey_blog_040 bryantkailey_blog_041 bryantkailey_blog_042 bryantkailey_blog_043They have such a sweet, little girl. bryantkailey_blog_044 bryantkailey_blog_045 bryantkailey_blog_046 bryantkailey_blog_047 bryantkailey_blog_048 bryantkailey_blog_049 bryantkailey_blog_050 bryantkailey_blog_051 bryantkailey_blog_052 bryantkailey_blog_053I always cry through the parent dances…knowing that one day it will be us. bryantkailey_blog_054 bryantkailey_blog_055 bryantkailey_blog_056She was such a little trooper. bryantkailey_blog_057 bryantkailey_blog_058 bryantkailey_blog_059 bryantkailey_blog_060 bryantkailey_blog_061 bryantkailey_blog_062 bryantkailey_blog_063 bryantkailey_blog_064Another wedding with multiple brides. Love it! bryantkailey_blog_065


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