If you’ve been following our blog for long then you know that I lost a part of my heart to Africa back in 2011 after visiting for a missions trip through Horizon International.  Since then, I have longed to go back.  After meeting with Kathleen, and hearing more about how she and Javan met, I knew that I was going to love being a part of their day.  And, their day truly was as beautiful as they are!  The beautiful emotion they all shared was captured throughout the day…I’ll let the photos tell their story…

javankathleenblog_001 javankathleenblog_002 javankathleenblog_003 javankathleenblog_004 javankathleenblog_005 javankathleenblog_006 javankathleenblog_007 javankathleenblog_008 javankathleenblog_009I love the joy her dad expressed all day long…especially, when seeing Kathleen in her beautiful dress. javankathleenblog_010 javankathleenblog_011 javankathleenblog_012 javankathleenblog_013The lovely, Sylvia McNair, was there to share in their special day.  Sylvia is a 4-time Grammy winner.  Between Sylvia’s incredible voice and Kathleen’s close choir friends…the music was breathtaking.  Sylvia met Javan while visiting Kenya through Indiana University.  They have since become dear friends and their sweet friendship continues now that he is in the states.   javankathleenblog_014Javan’s sweet boy… javankathleenblog_015 javankathleenblog_016 javankathleenblog_017 javankathleenblog_018 javankathleenblog_019 javankathleenblog_020 javankathleenblog_021 javankathleenblog_022 javankathleenblog_023 javankathleenblog_024Javan’s parents were able to fly to America for the first time for the wedding.  Clearly, they were welcomed with open arms. javankathleenblog_025It may have been wet and muggy for their wedding day…it may (or, may not;) have taken several minutes for our lenses to adjust from the dryness of AC to the high levels of humidity, but the lovely photos say otherwise. 😉 javankathleenblog_026 javankathleenblog_027 javankathleenblog_028 javankathleenblog_029 javankathleenblog_030 javankathleenblog_031 javankathleenblog_032 javankathleenblog_033 javankathleenblog_034 javankathleenblog_035 javankathleenblog_036 javankathleenblog_037 javankathleenblog_038 javankathleenblog_039 javankathleenblog_040 javankathleenblog_041 javankathleenblog_042 javankathleenblog_043 javankathleenblog_044 javankathleenblog_045 javankathleenblog_047 javankathleenblog_048 javankathleenblog_049 javankathleenblog_050 javankathleenblog_051 javankathleenblog_052 javankathleenblog_053 javankathleenblog_054Something I learned at their wedding was that Javan is rather well-known in Kenya.  He was the ‘Mr. Kenya’…think Arnold Schwarzenegger.  He even tried out for Mr. Africa and came in 2nd place.  So, of course, we had to compare some muscles. 😉 javankathleenblog_055Kathleen and Javan…thank you for choosing us to be a part of your beautiful day.  It truly was an honor to celebrate you both and your beautiful story.  Many hugs being sent your way!

Ceremony/Reception:  Ritz Charles

Makeup:  Beauty by Crystal

Tears, tears, tears, tears and more tears!!!! These photos are SO BEAUTIFUL. Oh, I love my KIDS!!!!!!!!!
Adah odinga -
Wow! What a wedding it was awesome and for real Javan and katheleen are compatible wish them God protection and wonderful life.

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