I’ve been looking forward to sharing Paul and Katelyn’s day with you!  It is always a treat to be a part of a wedding where you already have a connection to the family.  In this case, we shot Paul’s sister’s wedding a number of years ago and have loved staying in touch with them over the years.  When Paul contacted us to capture his day, I was honored to have yet another sibling ask us to be a part of their day.

As for Paul and Katelyn, they compliment each other in every way and are as sweet as they come.  They didn’t exactly have Indiana sunshine for their wedding day, but they accepted it and made the most of the situation.  Because of this, their wedding day includes some of my favorite photos ever.  They truly depicted their day, and their day was amazing…rain, and all.  Paul and Katelyn…thank you for choosing us!  It was such an honor to celebrate you both!  Much love and hugs being sent your way!Paul_Katelyn_Blog_002 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_003 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_004 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_005 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_006 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_007 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_008 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_009 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_010 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_011 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_012 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_013 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_014

Katelyn was stunning, the flowers were exquisite, the venue was perfect… Paul_Katelyn_Blog_016 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_017 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_018 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_019 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_020 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_021 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_022 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_023 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_024Paul’s sweet nephew… Paul_Katelyn_Blog_025 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_026 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_027 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_028 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_029 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_030 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_031 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_032 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_033 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_034 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_035 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_036 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_037 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_038 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_039 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_040Every detail was amazing!  Such an incredible team of vendors! Paul_Katelyn_Blog_041 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_042 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_043 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_044 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_045 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_046 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_047 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_048 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_049Just as the sun was starting to set, we finally got a break with the rain.  Love this photo!Paul_Katelyn_Blog_050 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_051 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_052 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_053 Paul_Katelyn_Blog_054It’s always a treat to see our past brides at our weddings…PaulKatelyn-721cc

The incredible vendor team for Paul & Katelyn!

Wedding Planner:  Mon Amie Events, Inc

Invitations:  Events By Design

Hair/Makeup:  La Dolce Salon

Ceremony/Recetion:  Canal 337

Caterer:  Thomas Caterers of Distinction

Florals:  McNamara Flowers of Carmel

DJ:  Jim Cerone

Cake:  Classic Cakes

Mary Wilkerson -
Great pics - wonderful wedding in spite of the weather!
Marjorie hirschinger -
It was a lovely wedding! Thanks for capturing! G'Mother Marjorie Hirschinger and G'Father Edwin

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