There was rain in the forecast for Stephen and Karen’s wedding day. We all knew that, but the morning of the wedding the forecast seemed to clear out a bit (hooray!). However, as we were leaving the salon the sky told us something far different. And, then it rained…I mean it poured…actually, there were torrential rains that came down for close to an hour. The good news is that the skies opened up and emptied everything out of its system at one time so that we could celebrate these two with an incredible day.

They always say that rain on your wedding day is good luck. And, while it does increase the nerves, I do believe there are positives to be recognized. A bride is definitely allowed to be upset if things don’t go as planned on her wedding day! Yet, when a bride stays calm and lets the day unfold as it will then I see it as a demonstration that she can accept life’s challenges. She can take it as it comes and make the most of it, and still find joy through it all. Karen displayed this joy even amongst the chaos of Indiana weather.

I’ve known Karen for several years now, and have only known Stephen to be by her side. The love they have for each other is evident and endearing. It was such an honor to celebrate these two and we know that God has incredible things in store for them.

Hair Stylist: Ado Hair Salon
Makeup: Seryn Reid
Church: St John’s Catholic Church
Reception Venue: Meridian Hills Country Club
Cake: Classic Cakes
Florist: The Empty Vase
Band: The Flying Toasters

Karen…you were absolutely stunning! I had so many favorites of these two! The Empty Vase made everything absolutely stunning at the Meridian Hills Country Club I have developed such a sweet relationship with the mother-of-the-bride. Love you, Debbie! When you have the honor of documenting numerous weddings for one family…they become like family. Love these girls! 

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Becky Liming -
Fabulous photography!! Such a beautiful, colorful wedding. Congratulations to this growing family.

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